Ductless System Savings & Rebates


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We know that you value your money and want to spend less on your heating and cooling costs whenever possible. That’s why our team at Texas HEAT is happy to provide you with information about these significant rebates and cash incentives.

Because ductless heat pumps represent the highest level of efficiency, utilities may offer financial incentives to help you pay for your system! Most Texas utilities are encouraging the use of inverter-driven ductless heat pumps to displace electric resistance heat.

Examples of Rebates & Savings

With the variety of energy efficiency and rebate programs available, it is easy to save money with ductless heat pumps. Here is an example of potential savings, combining several available rebates for qualified customers (note that every situation is different, and this is just one example):

  • Manufacturer’s Rebate: $300
  • Oncor Replacement incentive : $1,500
  • Texas HEAT Promotion: $250
  • TOTAL SAVINGS: $2,050

You can feel good about your choice to invest in a ductless heating system, as it will not only save you money and improve your energy efficiency, but also make a positive contribution to our goal to help improve our environment.

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