Here’s What to Know for Purchasing a Heat Pump in North Texas

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Why stick with an old, inefficient furnace or pellet stove, when there have been so many advancements in the HVAC world? The best technology is the ductless heat pump system, also referred to as a split or mini-split system.

Especially popular in North Texas, the heat pump system is perhaps the most efficient option that citizens can purchase. Beyond the increased efficiency, ductless systems can be beneficial to your home’s budget, customization, and livability. If you’re still not sure, make sure to check out our purchasing guide below.

What is a Ductless System?

Before launching into the benefits of the ductless system, you should know what exactly a ductless system is. Per its name, a ductless heat pump system lacks the bulky, leaky ducts of more old-fashioned heating and cooling systems.

Instead, small refrigerant lines are installed into the walls of your home through a small 3 inch hole. These pipes connect to the outdoor unit, which both collects and disperses heat to the indoor unit, which provides conditioned air to the room in which it’s installed.

Instead of vents that collect dust and any other small particles floating through your home, you’ll be working with a single indoor unit that can cool and heat a small home, or multiple units that can do the same for a larger interior area. Because of its unique ability to disperse warm and cool air as needed, a ductless heat pump system operates when and where you need it adding to it’s incredible efficiency.

Looking at Your Budget

There are a couple of reasons to care about the efficient working style of the ductless heat pump system. First, using less energy is good for the planet, as fewer resources are used and fewer carbon particles are emitted into the atmosphere. Second, an energy-efficient HVAC system will save you money over the long run.

According to the U.S. government, heat pump systems can reduce the amount of electricity by about 50 percent. They also are better at removing moisture from the air than the traditional central air conditioning systems, allowing for improved livability and comfort over the summer months, especially in areas of extreme humidity and temperature, like North Texas.

That said, you may notice an increased upfront purchase cost with the ductless heat pump system when compared to traditional systems. However, a ductless heat pump system can truly be seen as an investment due to the lower monthly costs.

The Best Thermostat for Your System

Perhaps one of the coolest features of the ductless system, pun partially intended, is the way it integrates into modern smart homes. Most ductless systems come with a remote control that allows easy use of the indoor unit, whether you’re looking to adjust the temperature or change modes.

Many ductless heat pump systems can also be adjusted via an app on your smartphone or otherwise connected to the smart home system of your choice. This allows you to command the temperature with your voice when you’re home or by phone when you’re not.

Beyond the mere ability to control your home’s temperature with your voice or with a voice, your ductless heat pump’s app or interface can also collect energy-usage information. This allows you to keep an eye, as needed, on your home’s energy consumption and adjust as needed.

Texas HEAT

Heating and air conditioning in North Texas, is not always an easy task. Luckily, there’s no better choice for your heating and cooling needs than Texas HEAT. Our professional and knowledgeable associates can answer any questions you have about the ductless systems and help assess you and your home’s specific needs.

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