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Texas HEAT is a national leader in the installation of ductless heat pump technology. We continually set the bar for innovation and quality in ductless heat pump installation. Don’t just take our word for it, see our list of credentials below.

We offer ductless heating and cooling installation services to residents of North Texas. Some of our products come with rebates through your utility provider and we always offer the best warranty available from the manufacturer. Our expert technicians can complete the installation quickly and efficiently, leaving you and your space with reliable comfort for years to come.

We hire employees who are passionate about staying on the cutting edge of the ductless heating and cooling industry. Each of our staff members has access to extensive ongoing training to stay up to date with the newest industry standards. We take every aspect of your property into consideration to work with any pre-existing conditions that could affect the installation process.

Most importantly, we focus on efficiency and cost-friendly practices. We won’t install anything that we don’t believe will help you meet your heating and cooling needs. We guarantee maximum comfort and savings.

1,000 Installations and counting!

At Texas HEAT, our goal is to create installations that are simple, effective, and provide comfort for years to come.


At Texas HEAT, our goal is to serve your needs. If you want complete, worry-free, ductless heat pump installation, that’s exactly what we provide. Our professional installers handle every aspect of system installation, from site preparation to other tasks as described below:

  • Installing outdoor unit with all necessary other wiring
  • Carefully making needed home penetration
  • Installling refrigerant and power supply lines
  • Positioning and securing interior unit or units
  • Connecting refrigerant and other systems
  • Sealing all home penetrations for maximum heating and cooling efficiency
  • Testing total functionality
  • Pulling all necessary permits
  • Registering your equipment for warranty with the manufacturer
  • Explaining how to use and maintain your new heat pump

From beginning to end, you can relax while we take care of everything. This is true even for more complex multi-zone ductless heating and cooling systems. We run all necessary refrigerant piping and other wiring with an eye toward clean aesthetics.

Expert Service Tailored to Your Home

At Texas HEAT, your comfort and satisfaction are always our utmost priority. Before beginning installation, our professional ductless professionals work with you to determine the areas where ductless heating and cooling systems will have the biggest effect. By truly understanding your expectations and priorities, and your home’s heating and cooling needs, we provide smooth installation and amazing results.

  • Smart aesthetics: We understand that an attractive appearance can be as important as the energy savings that a ductless heat pump brings. At Texas HEAT, we work with our clients to identify the best locations for equipment placement on the inside and outside of your home for a clean look and optimal conditioning of your home.
  • Respectful installation: Our technicians always treat your home and furniture with respect and care. From helping you move items out of the way to removing our shoes before entering, we follow your house rules to the letter.
  • Unobtrusive teams: We do our best to keep noise levels to a minimum, so you can continue with your normal routine while we work. Because our experts work quickly and correctly the first time, installation usually only takes a single day.

Knowledgeable Planning

If this is your first time working with a ductless heating and cooling system, we know that you may be unsure of what model to choose. You don’t have to make the decision alone. Let our experienced team help. After taking careful measurements, we can make recommendations on the size and output you’ll need for each zone of your home. That way you balance energy savings with complete climate control.

To enjoy all the benefits of a mini-split ductless system, always ensure it is installed by a professional. At Texas HEAT, we’ve installed 1,000 ductless units. For more information, contact us online or call 972-853-397.

  • Our installations always make use of the best quality installation materials and techniques. We seek out new materials as they are introduced, we test each of them, and incorporate them only after they have been proven to meet our rigorous standards. This ensures we stay on the cutting edge.
  • Our installations always take into account site-specific considerations. Every property is different, and unique environmental conditions are taken into consideration that could impact equipment performance and reliability.
  • Our installations are always cost-effective. We don’t believe in unnecessary or excessive installations. After all, this technology was invented to provide savings and comfort.

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Why Choose Texas HEAT?

At Texas HEAT, our goal is to create installations that are simple and effective – and that last for many, many years. All we do is ductless, and we do it right! Here are a few more great reasons to choose our team when you need heat pump installation services:

We are professional, master installers.

We are licensed in Texas (TACLA95807C).
We are “Master Installers” with the Ductless Heat Pump Project.
We are fully insured. We take our work seriously and we treat you and your property with respect.

Contact Texas HEAT today by calling 972-853-3971 or visiting our Contact Us page. We also have our conveniently located showroom in North Texas.

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